Saltaire is located within the city of Bradford, a quaint village that happens to be a world heritage site, the Mill being the prime location for its tourists. The Mill came about in 1853, which Sir Titus Salt can be thanked for, along with housing for his employees. At the time, the Mill was the largest factory in the world. Three thousand employees toiled away at one thousand two hundred looms, producing somewhat near thirty thousand yards of cloth a day. As the textile industry declined in the late 20th century, so did the mill.

The Mill is now reformed and houses a mixture of business, commerce, leisure and residential use. It is home to one of the largest art collections by David Hockney, an English contemporary artist, born and bred in Yorkshire. The smell of lilies surrounds the Mill creating a subtle artistic atmosphere. It is the perfect place to spend hours on a Sunday afternoon, wandering around this uplifting and inspiring space. Ever since I can remember, my parents have taken me there, where I’ve sat and read Dr. Seuss, passing time peacefully and quietly (which I’m sure was a blessing to my parents!)

IMG_3395With various cafes and bars to enjoy a hot or cold drink, Saltaire is a beautiful place to visit, despite typical British weather. Interestingly, when Titus Salt built Saltaire village his religious convictions meant that the consumption of alcohol was banned. Of course, this did not stop his workers from drinking on the sly. The bar “Don’t tell Titus” ironically reinforces the needs of the workers, the perfect place for a stiff drink after a hard day’s work, or simply somewhere to sit and meet up with friends or family.


Live music surrounds Saltaire, with local bands creating charismatic vibes to a welcoming atmosphere. This is most fluent in the Tramshed, located on the outskirts of the village. A truly inspiring place to visit young (and old!) talent whilst having a sip on the local beer, Saltaire Blonde!

With the history behind Saltaire, the culture and heritage is still intact today thanks in part to the vintage stores selling traditional clothing, accessories and home décor. Saltaire is a mixture of old and new, but this Victorian village still retains its charm of being both vibrant and triumphant.

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Sophie Mullen was born in Bradford. She is currently Studying Religious, Philosophy and Ethics at York St John University. With a keen interest in travel and culture, she hopes to volunteer abroad in the upcoming summer. Her interest in travel and culture arose from an early age. With Maltese heritage, her grandparents took her and her sibling to Malta during the summer, where they learned the vast and traditional culture of Malta. The differences between the culture of England and Malta were so diverse; Sophie became fascinated with different cultures that could be found at the other side of the world.